Who Needs Bail Bonds in Shelton, CT?

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Who needs bail bonds in Shelton, CT? Any person who is arrested for a crime and put in jail will have a bail bond hearing within a few days of being arrested. At this hearing, the judge will decide if a person should be allowed to leave jail while awaiting trial, and if so, how much their bail will be set at. This could be in the thousands of dollars. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail bond will be set at. This bail bond is an amount of money the defendant pays to guarantee they will show up for their court date.

The Bail Bond

The bail bond can be set at a few hundred or many thousands of dollars. Most people have a hard time raising this money. If a person can not come up with the bail, they are not released from jail until their trial. This bond is paid to guarantee they will stay in town and attend their court date. The money is returned if they show up for court. The whole amount is forfeited if they fail to appear in court.

Since it is easier to mount a defense and hire an attorney when one is free, it is important to find a way to pay the bail bond. Some people get second mortgages on homes or clean out their savings accounts to raise this bail money. Defendants don’t always have to pay the whole amount. Sometimes they can pay a percentage of the amount. That is where bail bonds in Shelton, CT services come in.

Bail Bond Services

The bail bond service will pay a person’s bail bond or the percentage of it that is required. They charge a fee for this. When the person who is released on bail shows up for the court, the bail bond service gets their money back. But they are taking a risk on the person who they bail out showing up for court. The person who has been released on bail signs an agreement to show up for court or owe the bail bond service a lot of money.

These people are warned that if they do not attend their court date, the bail bond service will send someone to find them and take them back to jail. Check out more information at the website.