A Bail Bonds Company in Contra Costa County, CA Explains What Happens When a Defendant Fails to Appear in Court

Roughly 20 percent of defendants fail to appear in court as required. What does this mean for the defendant and the person who posted bail on his or her behalf? This is a question often heard by a bail bonds company in Contra Costa County CA and it is one that should always be asked. This ensures there are no surprises in this type of situation.

A Failure to Appear

People may not appear in court as required for a variety of reasons. The defendant may be ill, lack the transportation to get to court, or have the wrong date written down. The court typically understands situations such as these and will be more lenient. However, this isn’t always the case and can lead to problems for the defendant. However, people may simply choose to not appear in court and the consequences can be severe. A person may find there is a warrant out for their arrest and they will spend time in jail when they are captured.

Additional Consequences

Once the person is captured, his or her bail will likely increase, if he or she is allowed to leave jail at all. Often, the new amount is double what was originally required. Furthermore, a failure to appear in court multiple times in the same case will often lead to the defendant’s bond being revoked. The court ultimately makes the determination as to whether to increase bail or revoke it in these situations.

What About the Person Who Posted Bail?

The person who posts bail assumes responsibility for the defendant and is expected to ensure he or she appears in court. If they do not, this individual will be expected to track them down and turn them over to the police. In the event the defendant cannot be located, the individual who posted bail is then responsible for the full amount. Many people find they do not want to take on this responsibility and this is a decision the individual must make for him or herself.

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