Understanding Cash Bail Bonds in Glens Falls, NY

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People often hear the term bail bond and immediately think of Dog the Bounty Hunter on television, who goes after people who have jumped bail. However, bail bonds come in many forms, and a person may find they don’t need a bail agent to help them secure their release or the release of a loved one from jail. What are cash bail bonds in Glens Falls, NY and how do they differ from the surety bonds provided by a bail bond agent?

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds are exactly what they appear to be. When a person is arrested, they may be required to make a payment to secure their release until the court hearing. They simply turn this cash over to the court and they are allowed to return home. If they do not have the funds, another person may pay this bond on their behalf. As with all bail, the amount is determined by a bail schedule used by the court or during a bail hearing.

Surety Bonds

There are situations where the person or someone acting on their behalf cannot raise enough money to secure the defendant’s release. When this is the case, a surety bond may be needed. Here, the defendant or their representative works with a bail bond agent to obtain the defendant’s release. The agent is paid a fee and they serve then as a surety, securing the full bond amount in the event the defendant does not abide by all terms of the court. Collateral is typically required to secure the bail bond, as it is a type of loan provided by the bail agent.

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