Why Hire a Bail Agent in Schenectady, NY?

From a financial perspective, hiring a bail bondsman may seem like a losing perspective. After all, paying cash bail means the full amount will be refunded if a defendant is found not guilty, and most of it will be refunded even if there is a guilty verdict. Paying a bail bondsman means losing a non-refundable fee that can be a significant amount of money if the bail is high. However, there are some very important reasons that a defendant may want to be released before trial, and hiring a bail agent in Schenectady NY may be the most logical way to secure that pre-trial release.

Find the Right Attorney

Defendants who are incarcerated have the right to call attorneys and to get visits from attorneys. However, it is very difficult to conduct a good interview with an attorney while incarcerated. Defendants who are not in jail can visit with more attorneys and have more choices when it comes to securing their legal team. Also, defendants are better able to participate in their defense when they are not incarcerated.

Job Security

While many employers are willing to keep employing people who have been accused, but not convicted, of crimes, any extended period in jail will likely result in a job loss. Job loss means being unable to pay bills, so that can snowball and lead to evictions from apartments or rental homes, foreclosures of mortgages, and vehicle repossessions. Being released on bail allows defendants the opportunity to keep life as normal as possible between an arrest and a trial.

Potential Impact on Sentence

One of the unspoken benefits of a defendant being released on bail before trial is that it might impact sentencing. At sentencing, a defense attorney is going to argue for the lowest possible sentence. Being able to demonstrate that a defendant obeyed the law and was a good citizen while out on bail is one way to bolster that argument.

Worried Bail is Unaffordable?

Even though there are benefits to bail, many people worry that it is not affordable. Schedule an appointment with a bail agent in Schenectady NY to discuss options for paying for a bail bond.

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