Obtaining a Bail Bond as Part of the Bail Process in Forney, TX

Obtaining a Bail Bond as Part of the Bail Process in Forney, TX

The Bail Process in Forney, TX is designed to allow arrested persons to get out of jail pending the outcome of their hearings. This allows those who have been arrested to continue working and raising their family while they wait to be proven guilty or innocent. However, the bail amount is often higher than what the arrested person can afford, especially if they will need to hire a lawyer to help with their case.

Reduce the Bail Amount

It may be possible for the arrested person to obtain a reduced bail amount if they request this from the judge. This will depend on the judge, the facts of the case as known at the time, and other factors. However, it is possible for the judge to agree to lower the bail to an amount the arrested person can afford or for the judge to allow the arrested person to be released on their own recognizance.

Another Way to Save Money

When the judge will not lower the bail amount or it’s not lowered enough for the arrested person to be able to pay it, obtaining a bail bond might be the next step. A family member or friend of the arrested person can secure a bail bond with a deposit as low as 10% or with collateral. This drastically reduces the amount that needs to be paid, leaving more money free for the arrested person to use to hire a lawyer. To obtain a bail bond, the arrested person must agree to and follow all of the terms of the bond.

After Hearings, Owe Nothing Further

If the arrested person does follow the terms of the bail bond, they will not owe anything further at the end of their hearings. The bondsman will receive their money back from the jail, so they will not require the arrested person to repay the funds used. The only fees for the bond are the service fees, typically paid in advance with the collateral or out of the 10% down payment for the bond.

If your loved one has been arrested and they are required to pay a high bail amount, speak with a bondsman today to learn more about the Bail Process in Forney, TX and what options are available. Contact Us AAA Bail Bonds now to learn more.

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