24/7 Bail Bonding in Sedro-Woolley, WA Helps Defendants Deal with an Unfair Bail System

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

The U.S. bail system is inherently flawed, with thousands of people charged with nonviolent crimes held behind bars before trial simply because they cannot afford even a relatively small amount of bail. For some of these people, 24/7 bail bonding in Sedro-Woolley, WA provides the answer to their problems. Even if they cannot afford bail, they or their relatives may be able to pay the service fee for the surety bond. Now, they can be released, just like defendants with more money are released by paying cash bail.

The Plea Bargain Problem

This system makes many U.S. residents feel as though they are considered guilty until proven innocent. Those who feel it’s imperative to get out of jail quickly may accept a plea bargain arranged by a public defender with the prosecution. They might avoid more time behind bars this way, but now they have a criminal record even if they were not guilty of the offense. They were not able to have their fair trial by a jury of their peers.

Eliminating Cash Bail

The possibility of eliminating cash bail has been tried in a limited number of jurisdictions, but some have found a backfire effect. The problem is not defendants running away before trial. Instead, the problem is judges deciding not to allow defendants out on their recognizance. In some of these jurisdictions, the number of people held before trial increased dramatically. Judges felt they would not appear in court without their refundable bail motivating them to do so.

Making Release Affordable

Agencies providing 24/7 bail bonding in Sedro-Woolley, WA try to counteract some of the destructive effects of the bail system by making a release from jail more affordable. They realize that the entire concept of having to provide cash bail for release favors wealthier individuals and punishes those who do not have money.

A limited number of jurisdictions have charities that provide bail up to a certain amount for defendants who cannot pay. This is not an option in most parts of the country. In the Sedro-Woolley area, people can contact an agency such as Angies Bail Bonds for help.