Is a Criminal Law Lawyer in Terrell, TX Necessary for a Misdemeanor?

Misdemeanor charges are considered relatively minor by many people since many cases end up with little to no jail time with a conviction and the conviction doesn’t mean a person will lose their rights. However, a misdemeanor is still a serious charge and a person will want to make sure they speak with a criminal law lawyer in Terrell, TX area to find out what their options are.

There’s More to Consider in the Long Run

Just because a person isn’t facing a lengthy jail term doesn’t mean the conviction isn’t going to affect them. Even misdemeanors can make it more difficult for the person to find a job or a place to live since they have a criminal record. Also, they might be viewed as a repeat offender if they’re charged with anything else in the future.

Penalties Might be Worse Than Expected

Most people talk to friends and family about their charges and may be told that the penalties are relatively minor and a first offender is likely to get off easy. While this might be true, it’s very often not. A person can receive the maximum penalties for any charge and has a higher chance of that happening if they don’t hire a lawyer to help them.

A Guilty Verdict Isn’t a Guarantee, Despite the Evidence

Despite the amount of evidence that a person is guilty, it doesn’t mean they are guilty. It needs to be proven in court and a Criminal Law Lawyer in Terrell, TX might be able to avoid this by suppressing the evidence. If there is evidence that wasn’t legally collected, for example, it cannot be used in court. This means that there might be far less evidence than the person thought and the charges might be dropped. It’s difficult for the average person to determine if this applies to their case, which is why a lawyer is essential.

If you’ve been arrested, even if you were only charged with a misdemeanor, go ahead and contact AAA Bail Bonds immediately. The lawyer can take a close look at your case to let you know what your options are and what they can do to help. They might just be able to do more than you expected.

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