How to Fast-Track a Warrant With Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City, OK

How to Fast-Track a Warrant With Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City, OK

Arrests are unfortunate enough. The lengthy pretrial jail time that may follow isn’t much better. Bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK, can help those detained get released in no time, especially when an experienced bond agent fast-tracks the warrant. This is how it works.

Contacting a Bail Bond Agent

In general, bail bond agents are available 24/7 for phone consultations. The bond agent may want to know the defendant’s name, booking number, jail location, charge, and amount of bail. It’s also helpful to supply the defendant’s birth date and processing number.

The bond agent oversees all the paperwork and posts the bail bond. Average release times after posting a bail bond are two to three days or more. However, a seasoned, local bail bond agent familiar with the city court system can speed up the process by fast-tracking the warrant. With a fast-tracked warrant, defendants get out of jail quickly. Instead of two to three days or more, defendants get released within hours.

Bail Bond Costs & Payment

Bail bonds usually cost between 10 to 15 percent of bail in total. There may be added court filing fees as well. The bail bond cost is the agent’s nonrefundable fee, called a premium. Some bond agents charge a discounted premium. Cash, credit cards, checks and money orders are acceptable forms of payment. The bond agent may also be open to negotiating payment challenges.

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