Debunking Misconceptions and Myths about Van Zandt County Bail Bonds

Most people don’t understand bail bonds. After all, we don’t learn about bail bond services in Van Zandt County, Texas, in school. Even though the U.S. is the incarceration capital of the world, bail bonds are not of interest to most people. It’s easy to understand why the following misconceptions exist despite modern society’s access to limitless information via the Internet.

Myth – Dangerous, Violent Criminals Are Released to Society

Nobody wants unnecessarily violent criminals on the streets. They should be treated by mental health professionals, at a minimum, if not jailed. Most people like this aren’t even able to bail out of jail, as judges only let people post bail if they’re not considered a menace to society. As such, whether alleged criminals bail themselves out or get help from a bail bondsman in doing so, this myth is totally false.

Myth – Bail and Bail Bonds Cost the Same

Judges set bail, an amount expressed in dollar value that is required to secure your pre-trial release from jail before trial and after an arrest. Bail bonding involves the assistance of a bail bondsman that charges you anywhere from 7% to between 20% and 25%, at most. The difference is that bail is often returned to the owner, whereas bail bonding charges are kept by bail bondsmen.

In Trouble? We Want to Help

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