A Bail Bondsman in Huntsville AL Assists Men and Women Who Need Release From Jail

A Bail Bondsman in Huntsville AL Assists Men and Women Who Need Release From Jail

A bail bondsman in Huntsville AL posts a surety bond for people who have been arrested, which allows them to be released from jail. These defendants cannot afford cash bail, which can be quite steep for the average man or woman. However, they can pay the reasonable fee charged by the bonding service for the surety bond.

An Unfair System?

Many U.S. residents feel that the bail system is unfair because wealthier people can easily get out of jail by paying cash bail or putting up collateral. Defendants who don’t have much money in savings and have lower incomes often wind up staying behind bars until their trial date or a public defender negotiates a plea bargain. Bail bonds are not available in all states, so many men and women have no option but to wait or plead guilty in the hope of a lenient sentence.

Some activists say the U.S. bail system is an attempt to force defendants to accept a plea deal even if they are not guilty. They never get their chance for a fair trial because they need to get out of jail before then. In the meantime, people with more financial advantages pay the amount required by the court and go on with their lives until trial.

The Risk of Job Loss and Eviction

By obtaining assistance from a bail bondsman in Huntsville AL, the defendant can return to work and not jeopardize losing the job as well as housing. Staying in jail for a month or two typically results in loss of employment and being evicted from an apartment. Even if the individual is issued a sentence of probation and no further jail time, the situation upon release is challenging, to say the least.

Concluding Thoughts

What concerns most people who disapprove of the bail system is it seems that in this country, money buys freedom. But in states that have companies like Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds, arrested men and women have this option when they cannot afford to pay cash bail to the court and do not have collateral. Visit us website to learn more.

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