What to Expect When Taking Out Felony Bail Bonds in Lakeland

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Most readers already know that felony charges are more serious than misdemeanor charges. Not all of them will realize that even defendants who are being charged with felonies may still be able to get out on bail until their court dates, though. Those who are new to the criminal justice system and the bail bonds industry can read on to find out what they need to know about getting Felony Bail Bonds in Lakeland.

They Can Be Expensive

The cost of a bond will depend on the price of bail set by the judge and bail tends to be set much higher in felony cases. Bail bondsmen charge a fee to their clients based on a set percentage of the cost of posting bail, which means that those accused of felony crimes will almost always have to pay substantially more to get bail. In Florida, that fee is set to 10% of the bond value.

Conditions May Apply

Readers who are looking into Felony Bail Bonds in Lakeland for their loved ones should know that their discharge may be conditional upon more than just paying the fee and putting up collateral. Some judges may also require those posting bail to directly claim responsibility for their loved ones, which means that they will be obligated to help with locating them if they do not appear in court. It’s also important to keep in mind that although those who pay bail directly to the courts can expect to get a full refund, those paying a bail bondsman will not get back the fees that they have agreed upon.

Collateral May Be Required

Not all bail bondsmen require collateral for all customers but since posting felony bail tends to cost significantly more than misdemeanor bail, readers whose loved ones are facing felony charges should expect to put up collateral. This will be returned to them as soon as the bail agent has received a Bond Discharge from the court. Bondsmen like those working at Zona Long Bail Bonds will accept property, land, stocks, bonds, and bank CDs in addition to cash, making it easier for their customers to post felony bail for their incarcerated loved ones.