How Can Bail Bondsmen in Canton, Texas Help You?

In Texas, criminal defendants work with bail bondsmen to get out of county lockup. The bail bondsman provides them with a bail bond that covers their bail and allows the defendant’s release, pending the outcome of their trial. It’s important for defendants to learn what to expect when working with bail bondsmen in Canton, Texas.

Attending the Arraignment

The bail bondsman attends the arraignment to assist with the bail set for the criminal defendant. They aren’t attorneys, but the bondsmen have a rapport with the judges that allows them to get a lower value if the defendant doesn’t pose a threat to society.

Offering Release into Their Custody

Defendants that are a potential flight risk and aren’t dangerous are often released into the custody of the bail bondsman. The bondman discusses the circumstances with the defendant and makes the arrangements. If the judge accepts the arrangement, then the defendant must stay under the bondsman’s supervision until their court date. This indicates that, if the defendant doesn’t comply with the terms of their release, the court can have them arrested again.

Providing a Bail Bond

A bail bond allows the criminal defendant to get released on their own accord. The defendant or a representative pays the fee for the bail bond, and the defendant is released according to availability of the judge. If the defendant doesn’t have the money, then it is possible to use collateral to secure the bail bond.

Help Defendants Get to Court

Some bail bondsmen assist criminal defendants that don’t have a way to get to court. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, then the bail bondsman loses all their financial investment. To prevent this, some bail bondsmen make arrangements to take the defendant to court.

In Texas, criminal defendants examine their options when trying to get out of jail. The crime for which they are accused determines how much bail is needed. It can also determine if they are eligible for bail. Defendants who need to hire bail bondsmen in Canton, Texas can schedule a consultation with Business Name today to find out more details about the process.

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