FAQs About Bail Bondsman Service In Milford, CT

In Connecticut, a bail bondsman provides full explanations about how bail bonds work. In the details, the bondsmen discuss the terms of release associated with the bail bond and what is expected in the days leading up to the trial. A bail bondsman service in Milford CT could answer frequently asked questions about bail bonds.

Who Can Post Bond for the Defendant?

The criminal defendant has the option to make their arrangements with a bail bondsman. The correctional officers at the county jail can arrange visitation for the defendant with a bail bondsman. If the defendant cannot purchase a bail bond on their own, he or she can contact a family member or attorney to assist them.

Can the Defendant Acquire Their Wallet if They are Located Up?

Typically, all criminal defendants must surrender their personal belongings when they undergo in-processing. If the defendant needs their wallet to cover the cost of a bail bond, the correctional officers give the inmate’s wallet to a family member. However, the inmate must sign release documents first.

Does the Defendant Need to Acquire a Power of Attorney?

No, the defendant doesn’t need a power of attorney for a family member to purchase a bail bond. However, if the defendant wants to use real estate or automobiles as collateral, the family member must have the legal right to use it. An attorney could assist the defendant and help a family member present the asset to the bail bondsman as collateral.

Do All Inmates Need Bail or a Bond?

No, if the judge releases the defendant on their recognizance, the individual isn’t required to post bail or purchase a bail bond. The assignment enables the defendant to leave the jail after a preliminary waiting period. The opportunity is available for individuals who aren’t charged with a dangerous crime.

In Connecticut, criminal defendants need answers when they are trying to get released from jail. A bail bondsman understands the requirements of purchasing and using a bail bond. Criminal defendants who need more information from a Bail Bondsman Service in Milford CT are encouraged to click here right now.

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