Common Conditions of Release for Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, TX

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Bail Bonds

When people get arrested, they’re sent to jail until trial. In most cases, judges allow people charged with crimes to remain free upon providing the court with assets of value to ensure their return to court. Read on to learn about common conditions of release for people bailed out of jail with 24 hour bail bond service in Jefferson County TX.

Stay Out of Trouble

This may seem obvious, but not everybody understands it. You may believe that you can simply get another bond if you receive additional charges while out on bail. In most cases, your bail bond agent will require you to not accumulate any further criminal charges until your trial is over.

Avoid Witnesses and Victims

You will almost assuredly need to avoid people who have asked to file charges against you, better known as victims. You’ll also need to stay away from any witnesses involved in your case. Make sure to review all legal documents available to you and your bail bond agent to understand who all you need to avoid.

Refrain from Travel

Usually, bail bond agents will require you to remain within the state in which you’ve been given criminal charges. These restrictions may be applied on a more local basis. Other less common restrictions include not leaving your home during certain times of day.

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