Bail Bonding in Williamson County, TX. is Easier Than Most People Think

Bail Bonding in Williamson County, TX. is Easier Than Most People Think

Most people think that bail bonding in Williamson County, TX. is complicated, mysterious, and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. One can potentially bond out of pre-trail jail on misdemeanor and felony charges, and it won't take tons of money. Here's why.

Bail Amounts vs. Bail Bond Amounts

The court typically imposes bail at an arraignment or a special pre-trial bail hearing. This transpires roughly 48 to 72 hours after an arrest. Misdemeanor arrests are an exception: their corresponding bail amounts are sometimes listed in a bail schedule posted inside the county jail.

Bail amounts vary with severity of crime, priors, and flight risks. Luckily, state regulations cap bail bond costs at about 10 to 15 percent of total bail. This cost is the bond agent's premium, a nonrefundable fee that doesn't include possible court paperwork filing fees.

Starting the Bail Bond Process

Bail bond paperwork takes less than an hour to fill out and file at the nearby courthouse. Defendants can expect to be released within two hours to two days of the bond agent posting bond at the court.

To initiate the bail bond process, the bond agent needs the defendant's charge, bail amount, booking number, full legal name, and location of detention. Some bond agents offer competitive pricing, discounts, financing, and/or accept collateral. For the most part, agents accept cash, checks, and credit cards. For more details, visit Williamson County Bail Bond, a friendly, experienced provider of quick bail bonding in Williamson County, TX.

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