Acquiring Bail Bonds After Arrests For Felony Charges

Acquiring Bail Bonds After Arrests For Felony Charges

In Texas, bail bonds are acquired to gain release from the county jail. The options are available to defendants who are eligible for bail. The defendant or their representative must discuss the total cost with the bondsman. A local bail bondsman helps defendants get a bail bond when they are facing Felony Charges.

Are the Bail Bonds Any Different for Felonies?

No, the bail bonds for misdemeanors and felonies are the same. The only difference between bail bonds for different criminal classifications is that the cost a bail bond for a felony could be higher. Otherwise, all criminal defendants receive a standard bail bond unless they are charged with a federal crime. Federal offenses require a federal bail bond.

Purchasing the Bail Bond

The criminal defendant could purchase their own bail bond if their personal effects are available to them. If not, a representative must provide the payment to the bail bondsman for the defendant. The cost of the bail bond is a percentage of the total bail value. The bail value is based on the crime for which the defendant is accused.

The Responsibilities of the Defendant

The criminal defendant must comply with the terms of their release. The terms include refraining from drinking alcohol, using controlled substances, and provisions based on the crime. The defendant must also appear in court according to the schedule set up by the judge. A failure to appear in court leads to a bench warrant, and the bond is revoked.

Using Collateral for the Bail Bond

Collateral is acceptable for paying the cost of the bail bond. It must equate to the total value of the bail, and an appraisal is often acquired by the bondsman. The property is seized if the defendant doesn’t comply and appear in court.

In Texas, bail bonds are purchased through bail bondsmen at a percentage of the bail value. The percentage won’t exceed fourteen percent of the total bail value. The bail bondsman explains all expectations of the defendant when they are released from the county jail. Defendants who are facing Felony Charges and need a bail bond are encouraged to contact Strike Three Bonds right now. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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