A Bail Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Helps Defendants Charged With Violent Crimes

A Bail Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Helps Defendants Charged With Violent Crimes

When people hear about advocacy for bail reform, the focus is generally on the large numbers of defendants held in jail before trial for nonviolent crimes. Yet men and women who have been charged with a violent crime also may be incarcerated before trial only because they cannot afford the amount of bail set by a judge. They may be able to secure release with the assistance of a bail Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Setting of Bail for Violent Crimes

Judges tend to set bail significantly higher for allegations of violent offenses as compared with nonviolent ones. Even if the individual is actually innocent, being held in jail until the case ends is a distinct possibility. Some examples of these crimes include robbery, sexual assault, assault and battery, and murder. A bail Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa requires a service fee for posting a bond at the jail, but that fee might be divided up in a payment arrangement with a small down payment.

Factors That Judges Consider

A judge at a bail hearing or an arraignment will take other factors into consideration besides the offense charged. If the individual has a prior criminal history, especially any convictions of violent crimes, the judge might decide to refuse bail for release. If the defendant has lived in the community for a long time and has a stable work and family life, this is a positive factor that could result in lower bail. The defense attorney makes a case for low bail or no bail, but a prosecuting attorney also may be there, arguing against those persuasive comments.

Surety Bonds for Release

Many men and women are unfamiliar with agencies like Wildside Bail Bonds, but using surety bonds to be released from jail is a common decision. Most defendants don’t have enough cash to pay bail, even when charged with a nonviolent crime that results in an arrest. Others don’t want to take so much money out of their savings and investment accounts. They also may not be able to accomplish this in a hurry, but they could be released on bond overnight or over the weekend.

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